About Us

The team behind Super Chat brings together unique understanding of communications, superannuation, the power of membership networks and the opportunity of the new technological scale.

Christopher Warren

Christopher Warren is a journalist and writer. He is founder and CEO of Super Chat Media Pty Ltd a story-telling start-up using bots and AI to build a conversation platform that tells personal stories for an audience of one. He has recently returned from a year at Stanford University focussing on design thinking in public policy, journalism and creative writing. He is a former President of the International Federation of Journalists and Federal Secretary of the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance. He is currently a director of Media Super.

Luke Metcalfe
Chief Technology Officer

Luke Metcalfe is a data scientist and CTO who focuses on writing bots that suggest concrete actions to consumers based on machine learned insights. He has been building chat bots and natural language generation solutions since 1997. His websites have attracted over 1 billion page views and developed an AI forensic tool for identifying website owners based on coding style, which he sold to a US company in 2014.

Danielle Townsend
Account Manager & Content Strategist

Danielle Townsend is a communications specialist who has been working in the digital space for more than twenty years, managing online experiences, writing content and creating interactive media. She has consulted to industry superannuation funds, commercial and government funds, making complex information understandable. Her work has recently won a digital health award.

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